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Interesting Facts About Japan

Japan, Country of the Rising Sun has a variety of uniqueness and beauty endless. But it’s a pity if you know Japan only as a popular Harajuku-style and manga. Because it turns out that only a small part of their uniqueness, here sterling house trust share to you.

– This country has many mountains

Believe it or not, 70% of Japan is mountainous. So, hide anywhere, you must meet the mountain. The highest is Mount Fuji.

– About discipline, learn from the Japanese

Surely you often hear the words, “Examples of Japanese discipline”. Yes, as we know, Japanese people have a winning mentality about discipline and timeliness. If you have an appointment with the Japanese, they will not be late. In fact, they will come earlier than the appointed time.

– Students are required to clean their own classrooms

After lunch, school children in Japan must clean up their own class with the aim of teaching them the sense of ownership of the room. It also teaches the value of cleanliness and responsibility in their lives.