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The early steps in making an Instagram business account

Before your Instagram account confronts and interacts with customers, then all you have to do is prepare at least 3 photos that should have been uploaded first. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to buy Instagram likes.

When the existence of your Instagram account known to prospective customers, while in your IG profile there is no photo of any, then most likely this prospective customer does not care and immediately switch from the IG profile.

Simply put, these 3 photos are used to make the first impression customers become curious and interested in your brand.

It would be even better if you could make it into 9 photos.

Therefore create an impressive first impression for prospective customers.

Bonus Tips: Use Instagrid apps, you can make an interesting ‘coming soon’ and a number of 3-9 photos.

Make your bio interesting & ‘useful’

Bio is one of the first things people cling to when you open Instagram profile business.

So use this bio for something useful and attract the attention of the audience.

Useful means providing information about your brands like an address or contact.

While pulling is useful so that people who claymore trust with your business.