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The new golfers should learn the putting shots first

In the game of golf, we recognize three types of blows that are most often done by golfers namely tee shot, approach shot and putting. Of the three types of blows, the golf putter technique is considered the most difficult because it must use a putter and requires patience and special skills to insert the ball into the hole. Aside from that, you can go to https://www.golfsavers.com/thailand/bangkok-golf-courses when you want to find a good golf course in Bangkok.

The mistake often made by beginner golfers is to spend most of their time practicing a new full swing and then practice a simple swing. Even though the right exercise step is the opposite, practicing simple swings like learning to put new putting then practicing full swing.

As the final series of golf games, putting takes about 40% of the number of shots done by players in the field. Big enough when compared to other types of blows. For that reason, golfers must master the correct golf putter technique in order to complete the game round with the maximum score.