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Things that might bring your SEO campaign down

Many say that SEO has ended, especially since the Penguin algorithm era. Even some site owners feel the decrease in SERP and visitor traffic. But, after digging for more detailed information and doing research on changes to search engines, it was concluded that actually SEO techniques are still reliable. It’s just that, you have to be creative in modifying it so it doesn’t make your blog end. Because, if you do not follow the rules provided by search engine algorithms, your blog will lose competitiveness and displaced from the first page of SERP. On the other hand, you may hire Charles Brian International if you require a reliable company’s assistance for your SEO campaign.


Reasons Why The Implemented SEO Strategy Is Not Powerful

Perhaps you are still wondering, why is the SEO strategy implemented failed? That’s because you are less creative in optimizing it so that it impacts the workers on the blog. Here are the things that cause your SEO strategy to fail:

Blogs are not optimized properly. Currently, SEO optimization is not just by planting a lot of backlinks, but more than that. It’s because Google bot now sees and monitors your blog. So, it should be if you have quality content and ensure that the content is liked by visitors.

Using old SEO tricks. Search engine algorithms change from time to time. So when your SEO tricks cannot adjust the changes, for example in terms of SEO campaigns, can worsen the blog in the SERP.

Choose a difficult niche. If the chosen niche is too difficult, then you definitely will not win against other competitors who are already famous for that niche.

The keyword focus is too narrow. If you choose keywords or keywords that are too narrow alias rarely searched, then the traffic is very little. Therefore, you need to expand the keyword of the site in order to be able to reach internet users, but still in the same niche.

Do not use social media. A big mistake if you have a blog, but don’t use a single social media account. It is because social media is the most appropriate place to market your blog.