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Everything About Liposuction: Did You Know These?

When asking about or trying to gather information about Sonobello cost , does it mean that you have the interest or plan in taking advantage of liposuction procedure? As said before, nothing is best than understanding how such liposuction procedure works for you.

Generally speaking, liposuction is a method for removing body fat. The trick is to do surgery on certain parts of the body to collect accumulated fat.

Many people are too afraid to do liposuction with the consideration of side effects and the dangers posed. Somehow, there are also many that are so easy to ignore security standards. Actually if done well and correctly by an expert doctor, the risk of side effects can be minimized. In addition, the methods and tools used must also be in accordance with the standards set.

As reported by meetdoctor.com, the main purpose of liposuction is not to lose weight, but to get the ideal body curves. Body parts such as the neck, arms, abdomen, chest, back, waist or thighs are areas that are often performed liposuction.

– Some things you must pay attention to before doing liposuction:
– Body condition of someone who wants to do liposuction must have optimal health.
– Before taking liposuction, patients should not drink alcohol, do not use blood thinning drugs and avoid smoking.
– For people with diabetes, heart or kidney must be in a controlled condition during a medical examination.

Liposuction can indeed eliminate fat in a short time, but not a few also experience some complications in the patient’s body. As quoted from health.detik.com, here are some complications that may occur after liposuction surgery.

– Contour deviation
The skin might appear bumpy, wrinkled, or wilted because of uneven fat removal, poor skin elasticity, and unusual healing.

– Liquid accumulation under the skin
Temporary fluid bags (seromas) can form under the skin. This liquid may need to be removed by an expert doctor’s procedure.

– Numbness of the skin
After liposuction, perhaps you feel temporary or permanent numbness in the area that is operated on. Nerve irritation may also occur.

– Infection
Skin infections can occur, even if only in certain cases. Severe skin infections may be life-threatening.