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Things to Bring for Your Worship in Mecca

The site like www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages can be the right place to choose the best deal for your worship trip. Umrah is one form of our worship of God. What equipment must be prepared and carried during umrah? Here are!

1. Important documents should not be left behind, store them neatly and safely

Friends of Ihram, important documents such as umrah visas, passports, atm cards or credit cards should not be missed to be put in a suitcase huh. Arranged neatly and stored in the part of the suitcase that is easily accessible and remains safe.

2. Umrah guidebook

Umrah guides and equipment are things that should not be forgotten, Friends of Ihram. Because, at the core of the Umrah, we carry out the Umrah process that is prescribed. The umrah guide can be an umrah pocketbook or it can be using a smartphone.

3. Equipment of worship

This one thing should not be forgotten, Friends of Ihram. Because this is an important thing that must be prepared and brought during the Umrah. Important items that must be carried are ihram cloth for men and long clothes that cover the nakedness of women.