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These Are Some Types Of Websites That Are Most Disliked By Search Engines

For those of you who have an online business or even e-commerce, you will usually choose your own company website to make customers easily find the website. one that can make good traffic to your website is SEO. The services that you can use to get good SEO are seo new york. With good and right SEO techniques, you can get maximum results and what you need.


On the internet, you will find various websites that exist throughout the world. There are several types of websites that are apparently not liked by search engines. Some types of websites are

1. Duplicate website
The most basic thing is a duplicate website. Where the website duplicates other websites. Originality is one of the important points that must be maintained if you want to have a website that is considered good by search engines. If your website is proven to duplicate someone else’s, then the search engine will automatically ban your website.

2. A website full of advertisements
Besides various viruses and other problems. Websites that are filled with advertising are also websites that are very much avoided by many internet users. If your website has advertisements for more than 3 spots, then you must be vigilant because the search engine algorithm will easily find it.

3. Website without content
It will be very difficult to do optimization on your website if there is no content in it. Or you have little content. Before using SEI, make sure that you have the content and have the quality side of the company. the better this content is, the better the assessment of the search engine will be.

4. Website that only contains images
The case that is often found is a home display that only contains large images without any text in it. In fact, you must know that home pages are the most important pages for search engines.